Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lori and Darren playing ball. They are so cute together!

Ryan and Briley having fun at Jesses Party.
Lori givin Halle kisses, i have to say this is the cutest pic of the whole day!
Me, Marybeth and cute Clayton hangin out on the swing, it was such a nice day.

Sadie and Ripsi, ouy vey! These two are great (for the most part). oh by the way Carly, Sadie says "Hi"

We went on a hike last week up santaquin canyon. The hike we call the narrows weaves through the river that comes down the canyon. The higher we got the smaller the river got until we made it to the very top where the water seeps out the mountain, very cool. Unfourtuantely we had some unwanted hikers on the trail.....cows.....yeah not fun when they are infront of you and behind you! luckily I havent been sick because those animals DO NOT care where they poop, yuck! We had a great time though, we are going to try and do it more often this year before it gets cooled or I get to big, hahaha.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Okey Dokey, lets start with some of the places we LOVE to go!

We have been to Disneyland twice since we've been married. I remember how hard it was to get Jesse excited about it. He kept telling me that he has never, nor will he ever like carnival rides! I was like "what?" Disneyland is nothing like that! Boy was he surprised when we got to the magic kingdom.....I'm so glad it was up to his standards, haha.

If you havent been we strongly urge you to save some cash and go ASAP! ;)

Here are some pics from our trips there.

Jackson Hole is another favorite place of ours. It's definitely another must see! Yellowstone is beautiful in the summer, and Jackson Hole is great summer or winter. The Elk Refuge in Jackson can have as many as 8,000 elk there any given winter, what an awesome sight! Don't forget the geysers in Yellowstone though, they are amazing to watch, but BEWARE, don't get off the boardwalk path like we did.....we are just a little TOO adventureous sometimes. Little did we know we could have fallen through the crust of the earth into boiling water below, opps!

Hi! This is our very first blog so give me some slack until I get good at it